NEO Complete Starter Kit Arrived

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NEO Complete Starter Kit

NEO Complete Starter Kit starter kit from FriendlyElec/FriendlyARM for the low price of $29! 


This is my first ARM hardware purchase to arrive, and I’m excited about it!

It is still sitting in a box until I have time to devote to messing with it and waiting for support items to arrive that I got from eBay (shipped from China):

So, a task for this weekend is to read the manuals provided, watch youtube videos from others detailing the device, and see about powering it on (and booting off the Ubuntu image on the included SD card). I have no idea about NetBSD support at the moment, that will be a secondary project, as I need to ensure it is working as intended before monkeying with NetBSD support and troubleshooting.


Here is a video of it all put together and what I should expect, using the Ubuntu image.

Last modified on June 15, 2019.