GNU/Linux Is Now My OSCP Workstation

What about OpenBSD, am I a poser or something?!

Previously, I had OpenBSD as my workstation and was trying to make the setup work for training for the OSCP certification. I was also at a loss with my Thinkpad T420 because I couldn’t get a GNU/Linux installation on the thing, and OpenBSD was the only thing that worked for me…

It turns out that I had a bad SSD hard drive, and OpenBSD worked well on it, where FreeBSD and GNU/Linux did not.

While I did successfully get Kali Linux installed and running perfectly fine in vmm (I’ll do a howto blog post at some point), eventually I just went with GNU/Linux… for no other purpose than my attentions shifting 99% on OSCP certification study. Getting OpenBSD to be feature compatible as GNU/Linux for that end was too much a struggle, and frankly the wrong tool for the job.

I love OpenBSD. After I get the OSCP certification, OpenBSD is going to be my main workstation again, but not until then. Also OpenBSD ports has a lot of unmaintained ports that have versions that are out of date. OpenBSD base is rock solid, but once you dip into ports, it gets questionable. I want to work on unmaintained ports and help fix that issue, but that would be a HUGE distraction from getting that OSCP certification.

Embracing my 20+ year old friend and nemesis, GNU/Linux

So, for now, I’m running Xubuntu on my Thinkpad T420. I upgraded the RAM to 16GB (super easy), upgraded the SSD main drive, added a secondary drive (CDROM drive caddy), and got a dock. Additionally, I have an external backup drive.

Less Issues, More Progress

Technology isn’t the issue anymore for me.

Oh, and I also purchased a VMware Workstation 15 Pro license. Now virtualization is also not an issue anymore.

And I also got a nice laptop backpack, so that is also not an issue anymore.

For me, issues are distractions and distractions rob me progressing on my goal to get that OSCP and pwn boxes.


Bust is not an option.

So yeah, I know I’ve said OSCP a ton of times in this page. Some SEO nerd has an opinion about that somewhere, but it is helpful to have a one-track-mind for me to make great progress. I have to have 110% direction to make real progress, or it may be questionable.

Currently working my way through “Penetration Testing” book (check out my hacking bookshelf), putting in the effort and work. Have to learn to crawl before use an ax to destroy enemies foreign and domestic, right?

Additionally, applying effort to stay engaged in the hacking community on Twitter, and they’re all super cool, and a bit weird… but the good kind of weird, they’re my kind of people.

And finally, making efforts to locate and engage with folks in real life. Online is great and everything, but meeting and getting to know others face-to-face is on another level. Moar real = moar better?

Published on July 22, 2019 and last updated on August 6, 2019.