SogubSystems is me, Chris Humphries. This is a personal website.

This website and domain is a central place for me to keep my penetration testing and BSD kernel related activities. That includes low-level programming of kernel and assembly code I have no business messing with, but mainly onward towards OSCP as of July 2019.

Note that blogging activity is random and may happen in bursts.

I keep the design of this website minimal on purpose. Removing anything that is a distraction or isn’t required is best. To be clear, I’m not a web designer.

Chris Humphries


I got started in the 90s with Linux and BSD for fun and then found work doing it. I’ve been living the dream ever since!

Seeking to always challenge myself, I try to learn things I know little about. I don’t deal with kernels, C, and assembly programming in my day job, so learning about and playing in those tech areas in my off-work hours is a hobby of mine. Much of the time progressing much slower than I’d like due to life and other hobbies but it remains.

Writing viruses and penetration testing is what got me into programming in the first place, but I left behind those ambitions once I got a paid job doing programming pretty quickly. I simply devoted all my energy to whatever job I was at. So, now after many years, I have a ton of experience with server stacks, infrastructure, networking, and web app development. I’m “going back to my roots” in a way, rediscovering the wonder of when I first going a terminal of my own and started working to figure stuff out, with a strong focus on penetration testing from an offensive point of view.

I’m eternally curious and bold enough to think I can do things I know nothing about [yet]. To quote Vincent Van Gogh, “I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.”


I live in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA with my wife and our little black cat.

I grew up a military brat and moved around for work, too. I ended up moving to Scranton to work at a local data center and ISP, and have been here ever since (but I’m not attached to this place).


I have various hobbies that I play off and on outside of technology that include playing the bass (flat wound strings rule), chess (tactics tactics tactics), playing SNES (mostly RPGs), MUDs (Achaea MUD mostly), painting miniatures, and playing tabletop roleplaying games (D&D B/X, 1st edition, and 5th edition mostly).